Customer Testimonials

The Brownies Independent Transmission Shops staff of transmission service & repair technicians and management realize that our auto repair customers are the most valued asset of our auto repair shop. We are always happy to receive testimonials from shop customers and equally happy to share their feedback with you!

I have never in my life met a more respectable or more trustworthy mechanic. I recommend that anyone with transmission trouble trust ONLY Brownies Independant Transmission. The service at Brownies was wonderful!!! For once I was not treated like a know nothing female, my questions were answered honestly and without the usual attitude of other mechanics. I spoke to another mechanic who suggested the complete replacement of the transmission a job of over $1500, When I took my car to Brownies they checked out my transmission and replaced the $2.00 piece that was broken. My car now runs Perfectly!!! Thanks so much!!!

Destinee Sanders from Dayton

My car was stop on the side of the road and I was trying to get to work. I called a tow truck to come get my car and the person told me that my transmission was why I had problems. Called around looking for someone to help me and the only people that I felt right doing business was your transmission shop. You treated me fair and felt that I was taken care of from the moment I made the call. Thank you for treating me right. It is hard to find the right person. Thank you again.

David Johnson from Dayton

I had to have transmission work done on my 2002 Taurus this past month. After talking to several of my co-workers I was recomended to Brownies in Kettering. They told me exaclty what was wrong and how much it would cost me to fix. They did not charge me for the diagnosis. The experience was not what I expected. My car was done the next day and at about $50.00 less than what I had been quoted. The manager was very pleasant and helpful he did not treat me like a woman who does not know anything about transmissions. I was impressed with the knowledge from both the manager and the employees. If I have any more problems you can be sure I will call Brownies in Kettering again. I am telling all my family and friends also. Ashley

Libby Ashton from Dayton

I just wanted to thank you and the crew @ Brownies for taking care of my car. I had the clutch replaced by another shop in the Northridge area but they did not complete the job. You were there on the spot, not only to take me in on a moments notice but to have the problem fixed within the hour. Thank you for your kindness and professional approach to my problem. You have proven to me that there are still honest people in this business who will help the customer and not hurt them. I wish all auto repair shops would follow your example of honesty and professionalism. I will recommend you and Brownies to all my friends and business associates. Thank you again for a job well done! Ron

Ronald from North Dayton

Big props to Doug and the crew at the Dayton-Xenia Road location. They were true professionals treating me and my 99 Malibu right. After a total transmission rebuild, the car runs and shifts as smooth as from the factory. Will recommend to friends and family!

Christopher R. Comer from Dayton, Ohio

A big thank you to Ben and his crew at the E. Dorothy Lane location! I was having what I thought was a transmission problem with my 1999 Chevy Silverado. They were able to diagnose the concern and send me on my way at an exceptional price!

Charlie from Centerville, OH

I have always seen your commercials on tv and liked the slogan “it’s cheaper than new car payments” so when I had some shifting problems with my 2005 Jeep Liberty’s transmission is was a no brainer to bring it into one of your shops. I went to the North Dayton shop on North Dixie Drive. I was immediately greeted by Jeff Carter who is the manager. I told him my problems and he an extra mechanic on duty so he could get me in right then. The problem was the transmission was not in sync with computer. They reset the computer and the transmission shifts perfectly now. I asked Jeff what I owed him and said not a dime! Jeff said they do not charge for diagnosing a problem. I was floored!!!!! You have a customer for life now and I’m telling all friends and neighbors if they need transmission problems fixed head on over Brownies Independent Shop and let them fix it! Thank you Jeff Carter and all of the crew at the North Dayton facility.

Joe Shellhaas from Troy, Ohio