A lot of people do not understand what a reman or remanufactured transmission really is or is not. A reman is actually a transmission rebuilt in an original factory.

So – should you buy a reman? The answer depends on where you buy the reman and the cost. There are a lot of scammers out there so buyer beware!

The most important thing is get a shop you trust and have the shop or technician perform a diagnosis. Most vehicles with transmission problems don’t actually need a new transmission. And, if your car doesn’t need a new transmission you will save a lot of money by getting only the bad parts replaced.

If the shop performing the diagnosis doesn’t have the skill or experience with your vehicles transmission, you might easily find yourself paying for a new transmission… whether you need one or not.

If you don not need a new transmission in the first place and this was not the actual problem. Was the problem you had ACTUALLY a transmission? Or are they trying to sell you something you really didn’t need?

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Only a qualified, professional transmission technician can diagnose your car reliably, and tell you for certain whether you actually need a rebuilt transmission, or whether a much less expensive repair will take care of the problem.

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