If your transmission suddenly isn’t shifting right, you are probably wondering what’s wrong with it. Do you need your transmission rebuilt? Unfortunately, the answer is: No one knows. At least, not yet.

Bring your car to your nearest Brownies Independent Transmission shop. First, we need to find out what’s causing your transmission problem. A Brownies I.T. technician will perform a series of tests, designed to answer the simple question: “Is it inside or outside?”, or is the problem inside the transmission, or in one of the many control systems that operates the transmission?

There is a lot more to transmission operation than the transmission itself. Almost every single transmission on the road today is controlled by a computer system. That system is integrated into the rest of the vehicle. So many car problems, such as a problem in the engine — or for that matter, even the brakes — could have a dramatic effect on transmission operation.

Today’s transmissions are so integrated with the rest of the vehicle that many general auto mechanics, even with years of auto repair experience, can have a difficult time determining whether a problem is inside the transmission or not.
Until a properly trained and experienced transmission expert examines the vehicle and performs the necessary tests, there’s no way anyone can tell you precisely what’s wrong with your car’s transmission.

Your local Brownies I.T. technician will be able to tell you for certain whether you’re dealing with a transmission problem or not. He (or she) will then be able to let you know what it’ll take to fix your car and put it back into proper running condition.

But the only way you can be sure you’re only paying for the work you need is by bringing your car to one of our 4 local Brownies Independent Transmission shops, in Kettering, Beavercreek, Miamisburg, or North Dayton.